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      1. Campaign

            Energe Chemical is a professional practitioner in the field of R&D, production and sales additives, environment friendly organically based stabilizer and Calcium-Zinc stabilizer for various PVC rigid, semi-rigid, flexible product processing, which are, injection molding, calendaring sheets and film, profile, wire and cable, foam board and wooden plastic, shoes, leather, toys and so on. Products could meet for the EU requests from RoHS to REACH-SVH, EN71-3 etc. through analysis and certification by SGS.

            With particular attention for technical innovation,we have built two research and production bases in China and Malaysia respectively in order to widely serve for customers around Asia to coordinate with them for production development, problems resolving during application and maintaining or quality improvement with the ambition from customer. We constantly embrace the aspiration to develop product under the guidance from market, technological breakthrough is driving force of our development and customers’ satisfaction is the symbol of our success. We firmly follow the principle of ISO9001 system for our operation and management to ensure the quality consistence of our product.

            As an excellent agent for BASF & Ceronas’ lubricant product, PMC chemical’s amide and Arkema’s processing aid, we are always committed to cooperate with well-known multinational chemical company to provide our customer value added products.

            Energe backed with professional technical service and R&D team, the sophisticated processing, testing as well as analytical facilities to ensure us better serve to customers to promote customer technical capabilities, transfer the vision into reality, therefore, significantly create more advantages for our customer. We could tailored for our customer to meet their special request.
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