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      1. Ca/Zn stabilizer CZ128

        Ca/Zn stabilizer  CZ128

        Ca/Zn stabilizer CZ128

        Category:Ca-Zn for wire & cable

        Enerstab CZ-128Y is powerful powder Calcium-Zinc stabilizer for various colored non-lead wire & cable and non-heavy metal flexible calendaring film. Its stability performance, processing consistency ensuring, weathering ability as well as suitable electro properties making 128Y is the optimal choice for UL70-90 wire & cable product.

        Application characteristics:

        1.      Excellent initial and long-term stability;

        2.      Excellent dispersion and anti-migration during application;

        3.      No infulences to pysical properties;

        4.      No plate-out, low VOC.

        Application suggestions:

        Normal dosage ranging from 3.0 to 6.0phr for wire & cable, 2.0 to 3.0phr for flexible film, but actual number should depend upon plasticizer type and addition level and other relevant elements. New users should evaluate at the lab to distinguish appropriate conditions ahead of the actual production.


        25Kg per bag or 1000Kg per pallet.


        Room temperature storage and avoid light and moisture.

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