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      1. Process Aid p770

        Process Aid p770

        Process Aid p770

        Category:Processing aid


        Plastistrength® 770 process aid is a lubricating acrylic process aid that brings enhanced processability to vinyl compounds through exceptional metal release properties. Plastistrength® 770 process aid is a first class solution to improve the surface quality of finished articles and prevent plate-out issues.


        Physical Form                                  White Powder

        Specific Gravity                                1.11

        Bulk Density                                      0.5 g/cc

        Particle Size                                       2% Max on 40 mesh

        Percent Volatiles                               1% by weight


        Plastistrength® 770 process aid is recommended for PVC and CPVC applications where good metal release from process equipment is required such as high-speed extrusion, calendering, injection molding and blow molding. Plastistrength® 770 is commonly used in PVC formulations for food or pharmaceutical packaging. Dedicated information on formulation and regulatory status is available upon request.

        Customers should evaluate Plastistrength® 770 process aid in their own laboratories to establish optimum conditions for use in their processes and applications. Arkema’s Technical Service Team is available to discuss your application requirements, provide formulation guidance and laboratory testing as needed.


        Plastistrength® 770 process aid is packaged in 20 kg bags (500 kg per pallet), 500 kg bulk bags (1000 kg per pallet) and 1000 lb bulk bags.

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